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Introduction - Words of Wisdom


On this part of the web site you will find a host of recipes to try. Just a few helpful comments before you begin cooking.

For general cooking (not baking) don’t worry if you don’t have the ‘exact’ amount of things. For general cooking (unlike baking) it is not always vital, for example, if the recipe says 500g of potatoes and you only have 400g don’t worry! Or if it says 1 tsp. of black pepper – you can just add as much as you like, 1 tsp. is simply a general guide. When I mention oil, it can be any oil, unless I specify Extra Virgin Olive Oil. When I refer to butter, it is always unsalted, unless specified as salted. When baking, I often use Stork margarine as I find that it gives a more subtle flavour.

On a separate blog post you will find conversion tables for oven temperatures, weights and measurements. It is always a good idea to have a conversion table to hand in the kitchen so that you can move between recipes easily. Some of my oldest recipes are still in pounds and ounces!

I would strongly recommend, if you can, ‘batch’ cooking. It takes almost the same effort to make one family Bolognese as it does to make 2 kilos – so why not – especially if it is on offer in the supermarket/butcher, make larger batches, label and freeze. It is very satisfying to know that you always have home cooked food ready and available.

The recipes will tell you whether or not they freeze well But always be sure to label what you freeze. It becomes very difficult to differentiate between a Bolognese and a beef casserole once frozen. As a general rule, I defrost meals in the fridge overnight.

Some recipes don't appear very glamorous but don't be fooled, Granny's Rissoles have been a family favourite for over three generations - so they must taste good. Also I am no photographer and the pictures are an honest portrayal of what you will make!

I hope you enjoy the recipes that follow. Send us a photo and short message if there are any particular ones you have enjoyed. Happy cooking! Cx




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